By: Cameron MacIntosh
Illustrated by: Dave Atze
Genre: YFC - Adventure stories (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Big Sky Publishing
Published: 5 Sep 2017
ISBN: 9781925520880


Max has been handed an ancient mobile phone. It’s from the year 2017, which makes it more than 400 years old! What’s more, it’s full of photos – all of the same person.

Max and Oscar learn that the photos hold a secret that could lead them to fame and fortune. But the secret gets out, and Max and Oscar face the fight of their lives to keep their discovery safe from some very greedy hands...


Max and his trusty side kick Oscar are back, and on the hunt to find another relic from the past for Jessie and the museum.

When they come across an ancient phone that is full of strange pictures of a young man, their search begins. In the background of one of his pictures is a famous and missing statue. If Max and Oscar can locate it and authenticate it, they might be eligible for the $7 million reward.

But as is Max’s way, trouble never seems far away and it looks like this time he and Oscar might be in real trouble!

This is a great series about being resourceful, inventive and creative. It will get the children thinking about the past and importantly about the future, and how future generations may look back on our lives today.

A perfect read for junior to middle primary readers.

Reviewed by Sam

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