By: John Lesley
Genre: YQG - Educational: Geography
Published by: Redback Publishing
Published: 01 Apr 2024
ISBN: 9780994624796


Floods periodically create devastation across parts of Australia, where they destroy towns, take lives and ruin farming land. The increasing urbanisation of Australia has contributed to flooding that creates misery and hardship. Floods have always been a part of the Australian landscape, and, despite their destructive power, they also bring water to parched deserts and dry lakes. Over millions of years, plants and wildlife have adapted to the regular floods, and some even depend on them for their continued survival. Droughts, floods, cyclones and bushfires have influenced Australia for thousands of years. Some native plants and animals have even adapted to the unavoidable recurrence of these destructive forces of nature. How is climate change affecting these cycles of nature, and how are Australia’s farms, cities and bushland affected?

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