By: Martyn Bedford
Published by: Walker Books
Published: April 2014
ISBN: 9781406329926


How can she live with what she did?

Shiv’s best mate, her younger brother, Declan, died while their family were on holiday in Greece.

Shiv doesn’t know how to live any more - she can only feel self hatred; she is tormented by guilt.

Now she finds herself at the Korsakoff Clinic, with five other teens and young adults who are undergoing a most unorthodox therapy, which is often painful.

But this is Shiv’s last chance - the clinic must help her find a way to live again. But first, their methods will make her face what really happened to her brother.


Told in alternating chapters dealing with life for Siobhan (Shiv) now, in an unconventional therapy unit of the Korsakoff Clinic, where she is confronting her younger brother’s death during a family holiday on the Greek Island of Kyritos, and then, on the family holiday.

We come to the culmination of the story, slowly learning of the events that lead to his death through harrowing after thoughts in one chapter and an idyllic family holiday in the next.

The reader is constantly look for clues but the truth about the how her brother died and the ultimate end of story both hold unexpected twists.

This is a fantastic novel with wonderful characters that middle to upper secondary students will both love and learn from.

This book was included in our April 2014 Secondary Standing Order selection.

Reviewed by Rob