By: Candice Lemon-Scott
Genre: YFC - Adventure stories
Published by: Storytorch Press
Published: 1 Feb 2022
ISBN: 9780645191516


Being sent to a submarine to help restore extinct sea creatures for summer camp is not exactly Kai’s idea of fun.

Then he discovers a cyborg great white shark in the ocean, but no one believes it could be real. After all, the last shark vanished years ago. Now he must prove the shark exists and save the species. Except not everyone likes the idea of bringing the great white back from the brink.

WARNING: contains sea cucumbers, slime eels and a bum-breathing turtle.

Join the Ocean Warriors on this environmental middle-grade fiction adventure series, written by Candice Lemon-Scott, award-winning author of Eco Rangers.

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Set in a futuristic world, we follow the story of Kai and Emily, who find themselves aboard a research submarine for their summer camp.

They are trying to help Wendy and Harry, who run the Species Restoration program, to restore life back into the sea.

After years of overfishing, the inevitable has happened. The sea creatures all died out. Or did they?

When Harry sees a cyborg shark out of the porthole, initially no one believes him. But this soon all changes, and Kai and Emily find themselves caught up in something far bigger and more dangerous than just trying to restore life to the oceans of the world. Because this research project is not all that it seems…

With technological devices that allow humans to communicate directly with animals, this is a futuristic, adventure story that also highlights the importance of the conservation of our oceans, and will have your students thinking about where their food actually comes from.

This is the first title in a great new series that is perfectly suited to middle to upper primary students.

Reviewed by Sam