By: J.C. Burke
Published: September 2013
ISBN: 9781741663136


One girl's dead. One's in hospital. And one has a secret.

Paige, Sarah, Jess and Tallulah were best friends at school. Now they've begun university and are living together at college, but it's not turning out like it's meant to. Tallulah's partying too hard, Jess is being secretive, Paige is embarrassing herself with an unrequited crush, and Sarah's struggling to keep up with her wealthier friends.

One night, Sarah saves Paige from drowning in the university swimming pool. Paige can't remember why she was there, and Sarah's too afraid to say what she thought she saw. Then Jess's body is found outside the college laundry. It's not until Sarah meets the gorgeous and charming Jonny that she can tell someone her

But what really did happen that night at the pool? And what connects Paige's accident with Jess's death? As Paige starts to piece together her memories, the most terrifying question becomes clear: could it be happening again?


Four friends - Sarah, Jess, Paige & Tullulah - have just started university together. But it’s not turning out quite like they expected...

Then things get even worse—one girl is dead, one is in hospital with no memory of what happened to her, and another one is hiding a secret. What if everything is linked?

This is a great psychological thriller that your senior girls will love.

Fantastic characters that you will relate to and a story that twists & turns, J.C. Burke has produced another page turner, perfect for Year 11 & 12 girls.

This book was included in our September 2013 Secondary Standing Order selection.

Reviewed by Michelle