Subtitle: The Books of the Dead
By: Stuart Wilson
Genre: YFD - Horror & ghost stories, chillers
Published by: Penguin Australia
Published: 30 Aug 2022
ISBN: 9781761042263


All aboard the airship Atet and full steam towards the ancient pyramids of Giza in the second hugely inventive, action-packed, fun and quirky - and occasionally dark - adventure in the Prometheus High series!

A frantic rooftop race.

Alchemy lessons on a zeppelin.

A booby-trapped pyramid . . .

Just the start of semester two at Prometheus High.

Athena and Marceline are on a mission to unearth Marceline's past - if their foolhardy plans don't get them expelled or killed.
Godfrey's lonely without his friends, so when Emily needs a favour he's eager to help. But is her request all that it seems?
Meanwhile, on the airship Atet, an ancient monster of unsurpassed power and fury is about to awaken . . .

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This is the second title in this action-packed series. Book 1 was included in our April selections, however Book 2 can certainly be read as stand-alone title—I haven’t read Book 1, but found this to be a riveting read.

The students from the strange and quirky school of Prometheus High find themselves caught up in a lot of drama. Set above the skies of the pyramids, on board an airship, they are to learn about mummies, alchemy, the pyramids and all the mysteries that they hold...

Our main character, Athena, is front and centre of the action. She finds herself caught up trying to help her friend Marceline find out who she really is, and who created her. But little do they know that by leaving their friend Godfrey out of their plans, they have opened him up to become a pawn in other not-so-genuine quests…

With highly dangerous adventures in the pyramids, spells, magic, resurrection of mummies (which doesn't quite go to plan!), this is full of action, and not for the faint hearted. With themes of friendship, helping others, ethical questions and standing up for yourself, it is aimed at lower secondary students.

Reviewed by Sam