By: Nisha Sharma
Genre: YFM - Romance & relationships stories (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Little Tiger Press
Published: 5 Jan 2022
ISBN: 9781788952132


Radha was on the verge of winning the world’s biggest kathak dancing competition when a family betrayal shattered her dreams, and her confidence. Now, she’s made a deal with her mum: study dance for a year at the Princeton Academy of Arts and Sciences and then leave that world forever. But if she’s not a dancer, what is she? Could learning to cook – a way to connect with her absent father – become her new passion?

Jai, captain of the academy’s Bollywood Beats dance team, is putting his hopes of going to medical school on hold because money is tight at home. But then Jai meets Radha and as sparks fly, he soon realizes she could be the ingredient he and Bollywood Beats need for a life-changing year. Can Radha and Jai figure out their dreams and choreograph their happily ever after?

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Radha is a world class kathak dancer. But when she walks out of a competition in London because of her mother, she loses all her confidence and her ability to believe in herself.

Radha and her Mum leave Chicago and her Dad behind, and go to New Jersey so that Radha can spend a year at the Academy of Arts. Here she meets Jai, who is the leader of the Bollywood Beats dance team, and who is struggling with his own issues with his family.

Radha and Jai have an instant attraction to each other, but can they overcome their fears enough to follow their dreams?

I really enjoyed this story. I loved all the characters, especially Radha and Jai, and the interactions with their families. It’s a romance, but also a story of following your heart and dreams, and believing in yourself enough to give it a go. It is also about family, their expectations and dealing with change.

A wonderful coming of age story that all those who love a bit of romance will really enjoy.
Perfect for those in Year 9 and up.

Reviewed by Michelle