Subtitle: Surviving the Wild 1
By: Remy Lai
Genre: YFB - General fiction
Published by: A & U Children
Published: 12 Apr 2022
ISBN: 9781761065453


Hi! I'm Rainbow and I'm a koala. My mum says it's time for me to go out and find a new home to call my own. But life in the bush can be scary! It's hard to find the perfect tree. A kookaburra keeps laughing at me. It's hot and I'm thirsty and... do I smell smoke?

From the creator of Pawcasso comes an inspiring graphic novel series for young readers, the perfect introduction to the wonders and perils of the natural world - and how we can all do our part to protect it.

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Rainbow is a young koala who is growing and preparing to leave the comfort and safety of life with Mum. Not that Rainbow really wants to leave!

In adapting to life alone, Rainbow encounters other animals in the bush, and not all of them are very nice.

Trying to find a new tree and home is proving to be a hard task for Rainbow. It is hot and dry, and the other animals are all feeling the strain.

Rainbow runs into trouble when trying to find water. The humans are there to help, but Rainbow runs away in fright. Little does Rainbow know that there is far more serious trouble to come, in the form a raging bushfire. Can Rainbow survive this alone, or will they need the help of humans this time?

This is a wonderful new series that highlights the plight of animals around the world. With a section at the back that shows the true story behind Rainbow’s adventure, and ways that we can all help our native animals, junior primary students will thoroughly enjoy this.

Reviewed by Sam