By: Aviva
Genre: YFCB - Thrillers
Published by: Pan Macmillan Australia
Published: 9 Aug 2022
ISBN: 9781760986599


In a city of lies, can Teddy trust him? Teddy needs to act fast to save Clan Ember from Link's tyranny and protect the Underground from the City's clutches. She has no choice but to trust Hunter - a stranger from outside the wall - to help her infiltrate the City Council, find her missing mother and discover the truth. But will the truth really set the Underground, and Teddy, free?

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This is the sequel to Selfless, which I have not read but I had no trouble following this as a stand-alone story.

Teddy has returned to the Underground where people are living away from the prying eyes of the City Council and their never-ending surveillance - all under the guise of “We watch because we care”. People in the Underground are living in fear too - not just from the City Council but also from Link and his cronies.

As the sympathizers in the City who were helping them with food and medicine slowly disappear, their supplies are drying up. The clans are getting restless and Clan Ember is in danger of being taken over by Link. Teddy must reclaim control of her Clan and the Underground before it’s too late…

When a stranger named Hunter turns up in the Underground claiming to be from outside the city walls, Teddy is not sure that he is trustworthy. But she is desperate to discover the truth about what the City Council is up to and to find out why their supplies are in danger, so she must take a chance. Together, they infiltrate the City Council and get jobs. Will they be able discover what is going on or will they be exposed? Can anyone be trusted?

A dystopian novel with intriguing characters and a world controlled by the City Council, which allows no freedom of expression or thought. The Underground characters are fighting for freedom and the right to live how they want. This will be thoroughly enjoyed by students Year 9 and up who love an action-packed story set in an alternative world.

Reviewed by Michelle