By: Tracey Hawkins
Genre: YFCF - Crime & mystery fiction
Published by: Storytorch Press
Published: 1 Feb 2022
ISBN: 9780645191523


Once you open this book, you too, will be tangled.

To Sam and Harry, a tree change means a TREEHOUSE... and time travel!

150-year-old Tanglewood Manor is Sam and Harry’s new home in the country. As their parents set about renovating the ruin, the brothers explore its secrets.

One book in the dusty library is different. They open it and read a riddle.

Now the house is suddenly full of the dead people from the portraits on the walls. And they are very much ALIVE.

Will Sam and Harry ever be able to return home, or will Tanglewood Manor keep them in its grip forever?

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Sam and Harry and their parents inherited a house in the country. But when they get there, it’s a bit of a ruin that needs fixing up.

Sam and Harry start exploring, but Harry finds the house really spooky and starts hearing voices. When they find a strange book in the library, the house entangles them in the past as they time travel back 100 years to when the house was filled with people. Will they be able to solve the riddle of the house and get back to their own time?

This is a fun book for those who like their books a bit creepy, with an element of the unknown. It’s also a great introduction to time slip novels and a bit of historical fiction as well!

A great read for anyone in Year 4 and above.

Reviewed by Michelle