By: Jerry Craft
Genre: YFW - Comic strip fiction / graphic novels
Published by: Harper Collins Publishers
Published: 06 Aug 2023
ISBN: 9780062885531


New York Times bestselling author Jerry Craft is back with the newest adventures of Jordan, Drew, Liam, and all the characters that fans first met in New Kid, winner of the Newbery Award and the Coretta Scott King Author Award! In this full-color contemporary graphic novel, the gang from Riverdale Academy Day is heading to Paris, for an international education like you’ve never seen before...

Jordan, Drew, Liam, Maury, and their friends from Riverdale Academy Day School are heading out on a school trip to Paris. As an aspiring artist himself, Jordan can’t wait to see all the amazing art in the famous City of Lights.

But when their trusted faculty guides are replaced at the last minute, the school trip takes an unexpected—and hilarious—turn. Especially when trying to find their way around a foreign city ends up being almost as tricky as navigating the same friendships, fears, and differences that they struggle with at home.

Will Jordan and his friends embrace being exposed to a new language, unfamiliar food, and a different culture Or will they all end up feeling like the “new kid”

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The kids from Riverdale Academy are all going on different school trips. When Jordan, Liam, Maury and Drew find out they are going to Paris with their favourite art teacher and the French teacher they can hardly wait.

Jordan loves drawing and can’t believe that he is going to see all the famous art in Paris for himself. When three of the school mischief makers hack the school computer and change all the teachers around, chaos is sure to follow.

Can the kids and the teachers find their way around Paris and still manage to stay friends?

This is a great story about facing new challenges and learning more about your friends when you’re thrown together in a new country, with different customs and food and language.

Will they be able to navigate the differences together, or will personality clashes from home prove too much to get over?

With themes of friendship and working out new things as a team, this is perfect for all who love graphic novels Year 8 and up.

Reviewed by Michelle