By: Tom Easton
Genre: Secondary Fiction
Published by: Random House
Published: 1st July 2014
ISBN: 9781783440344


Mila has 7 seconds. 7 seconds to fight. 7 seconds to escape.

Seeking a new life on the futuristic Isles, Mila's time runs out - she's captured by Agents, who implant her with a phone that broadcasts her every move.

Now she's on the run, hounded by an elite fighting force which is convinced she poses a dangerous threat to society.

Her only advantage: a seven second delay.

It's a race against time.


The first world is a place in a futuristic society where nobody needs to work as everything is provided. You can perform duties to obtain extra credits to give you things like a better house or the latest fashions.

The third world is where war is prevalent, everybody lives in slums and all that they produce is used to benefit those in the first world. Lies, bribery and propaganda by those in power hide this truth. Borders are closely protected.

But when third world inhabitant Mila is able to breach this security, she is quickly taken by the agency. They place an implant in her brain so that they can follow her every move while they interrogate her.

Her escape from the security facility begins an incredible chase to recapture her. Mila’s only advantage is her earlier martial arts training and the seven second delay in her implant, giving her seven seconds before those tracing her can follow her movements.

What is motivating the agency to use such extreme force to eliminate Mila? What are they hiding?

Can Mila survive and show the world the truth?

A fantastic dystopian thriller, sure to appeal to all 14+.

Reviewed by Rob