By: Pat Flynn
Published by: Penguin
ISBN: 9780143308850


Stuff happens sometimes. Everyday stuff.

At school, at home, with sport, with mates.

For Tom it happened during a tennis match.

Tom Connors is a very good tennis player. When it comes to hitting a ball over a net he can do it better than almost anyone else his age, including the state-ranked Zac Zepharis who trains at the same club as Tom and also goes to Monvale Primary. Tom's problem is that he struggles to control his nerves in a match, particularly on his serve. His left arm seems to have a mind of its own and he can't even toss the ball up straight, let alone hit the serve powerfully into a corner of the box like Zac can. Tom was fine until 6 months ago when he held match point against Zac in the club championship, only to serve a double fault and lose the match. He thinks about this loss all the time, and ever since his serve and game have got progressively worse. Can Tom find a way to overcome his nerves?


In this ever popular and fabulous series for boys, it is Tom’s turn to learn that ‘stuff happens!’

For Tom, stuff happens when you lose your confidence and then struggle to get it back.

Tom is a good tennis player and loves the sport. But when he loses a match that he thought he was going to win by double-faulting, his love of the sport and his confidence in his own ability are thrown out the window. He just can’t seem to get past that game, and it affects every game he plays now. Can the new topic that they are studying at school, ‘The Power of Mind’ help him?

A fabulous story about asking for help and learning to control things in your life, as well as learning how to accept and handle disappointment.

Reviewed by Sam