By: Stephen Dando-Collins
Published by: Random House Australia
Published: February 2014
ISBN: 9780857981301


A gripping story that brings to life one of Australia's World War I military victories.

Frankie and Taz didn't think about killing, or dying, when they lied about their age to join the Australian army. They thought the war was going to be a big adventure. Now they're marching to the front.

Richard is another sixteen-year-old heading to war. He's inside the massive German tank Mephisto as it powers towards the battle lines at Villers-Bretonneux, France.

The other side have their tanks ready too. War is about to change forever . . .

Based on true stories of the world's first tank-versus-tank battle and what it was like to be an underage soldier in World War I, Tank Boys follows Frankie, Taz and Richard's footsteps as they take part in what will become one of the decisive battles of the war.

What will happen when the boys meet as enemies on the battlefield?


A ripping adventure or cold hard truth?

In 'Tank Boys' we see the First World War at the Somme through the eyes of two sixteen year old Australian boys, Taz and Frankie, who lied about their age to be able to enlist.

The first tank versus tank encounter takes place where the huge German A7V tanks face the smaller British tanks, the Mark IV and the Whippet's.

On board the German tank 'Mephisto' is sixteen year old Richard Rix, and when his platoon is wiped out he pleads for his life - to our two young Aussie soldiers.

Together they hatch a plan to have Richard pretend to be a Dutch immigrant Australian.

With many historical facts interwoven in the story, this is a tremendous close encounter story of such an important time in Australian and, indeed, world history.

A great read for 13+ boys.

This book was included in our February 2014 Secondary Standing Order selection.

Reviewed by Rob