By: Sue Whiting
Genre: YFCF - Crime & mystery fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Walker Books
Published: 1 Apr 2020
ISBN: 9781760651367


Chance is a black-and-white thinker until she realises that sometimes there are shades of grey.

Chance is in Year 7 and thinks she has it all - a loving mother, dog Tiges, best friend and almost-sister next door. But when a reality TV team makes over her house, she discovers newspaper cuttings from the past that cause her to question the world as she knows it and everyone in it. Then she finds herself caught between two realities, identities and worlds. Face-to-face with the truth, Chance has a very difficult decision to make, which almost splits her in two.

This powerful story explores what is true and what is fake in today's world. And while Chance is all about the truth, she ponders whether "Maybe being truthful was really just a big lie."

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Thirteen-year-old Chance has lived an ideal existence. On the surface it might appear to be just her Mama and Chance, but together with Chance’s best friend Alek, who lives next door with her family from South Sudan, Chance really has one big extended family.

Her Mama is great - she helps refugee families to settle in Australia. But when they all decide to get her house a surprise makeover from reality TV show called ‘I Just Want To Say Thank You’, Chance is suddenly confronted with the truth about who she really is.

Once this starts, Chance cannot stop digging for answers and her whole world starts to unravel...

Chance’s determination, honesty and need to see the world as it really is shines through the whole story, and the plot will have you on the edge wondering how it will end.

With themes of right versus wrong, social media, family, refugees and trust, this is an ideal novel for younger teenagers.

Reviewed by Rob