By: Robert Rigby
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Walker Books
Published: 01 Jun 2014
ISBN: 9781406346664


Who is the traitor among us?

WWII, German-occupied Antwerp, and life continues as usual for 16-year-old Paul Hansen - until his father is shot.

Paul learns that his parents are part of a group of resistance fighters and he is whisked away by Jos Theys, his father’s closest friend, to the home of an elderly couple. There Paul learns he must leave Antwerp as quickly as possible and travel south through France and across the Pyrenees into Spain, and from there to England, and freedom. It is a journey to save his life. Along the way he is aided by a collection of courageous men and women prepared to risk everything to help him in his desperate fight for survival. Danger is ever present; who can Paul really trust? A tense, hugely compelling tale of bravery, betrayal and first love.


A fast-paced adventure story set in France at the beginning of the Second World War.

Paul is shocked when he sees his father killed by the German soldiers, causing Paul to be thrown headlong into a fight for survival as he tries to escape Belgium.
Helped by people he has never met, he marvels at the bravery and courage the resistance fighters have to keep their freedom. As he struggles to know who to trust, falling in love is not something he expected on this journey.

Robert Rigby has again given us a wonderful cast of characters to love and hate, and an action packed storyline as well.

A perfect story for students who like adventure and mystery, especially in an historical setting.

Will suit both boys and girls, Year 7 and up.

Reviewed by Michelle