By: Janeen Brian
Illustrated by: Cherie Dignam
Genre: YFN - Family & home stories (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Walker Books Australia
Published: 8 Mar 2023
ISBN: 9781760654825


A twisty-turny fantasy romp, with heart, humour, do-it-yourself projects and a singing dragon.

Two days ago, Mum-Queen and Dad-King happily flew off in the Wing-Thing that Princess Shona, the Fix-it Princess, had made them. Shona hasn’t sighted them since. And that’s a worry.

But Shona is a princess with a Can-Do attitude. After all, she isn’t called the Fix-it Princess for nothing. She is great at solving problems. Surely, the Fix-it Princess can work out a way to find a Wing-Thing and a pair of missing parents. Surely …

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Princess Shona has a wonderful can-do attitude, but even she is worried. Mum-Queen and Dad-King flew off on the Wing-thing that Shona made for their birthday, and they have not returned. Now the days are mounting and Shona needs to devise a plan to get them back.

Things are going particularly poorly until she meets and helps a dragon with a sore tooth - together they can surely find her parents. But dragon has a fear of flying. Can Shona convince him to try?

This is a quirky adventure with a wonderful main character who devises many solutions to her problems – although her solutions normally do not work! And while dragon has a wonderful singing voice, he encourages Shona not to sing while they fly so that he can concentrate (but the real reason might be because she sings terribly!).

This is an ideal novel that is full of humour for developing readers aged 7 to 10 years.

Reviewed by Rob