By: Skye Melki-Wegner
Genre: YFH - Fantasy & magical realism (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Random House Australia
Published: 02 Mar 2015
ISBN: 9780857985668


Chester is on the road, searching every town for clues about his father's disappearance.

But when he's caught accidentally - and illegally - connecting with the Song as he plays his beloved fiddle, Chester is sentenced to death. Only a licensed Songshaper can bend music to their will. The axe is about to fall . . .

But there is someone else watching Chester. Someone who needs his special talents. Who can use him for their own ends. And who is hiding in the Hush, where Music can be deadly and Echoes can kill you with a touch. Susannah is that someone.

The young captain of the infamous Nightfall Gang has plans for Chester.

Finally, she will have her revenge.


Chester has spent months in the road searching for his father after he vanished. But when he gets caught illegally joining the Song, he is sentenced to death.

However the ruthless Nightfall Gang has other plans for Chester so they save him, and use The Hush to hide him away. So begins a wonderful fantasy adventure. Fast paced, with a thoroughly entertaining storyline, your students will fall in love with the characters who make up the mysterious Nightfall Gang - Susannah, Sam, Dot and Travis, and particularly Chester.

It is a story of cruelty and the quest for revenge, but it is also full of friendship, the importance of family and knowing when to trust someone.

All fantasy lovers from Year 8 and up will find this book hard to put down.

Reviewed by Michelle