By: Phillip Gwynne
Genre: YXFM - Personal & social issues: siblings (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Penguin Australia
Published: 3 Sep 2019
ISBN: 9780143796459


The Lord family live in the worst house on the best street. It might have been different if Suzi Lord's rock 'n' roll parents, Strum and Miss Katy, hadn't stumbled on their way to stardom but after one hit single in Finland, it's been Lentil Slop Thing for dinner ever since.

But life is about to get a lot more interesting at 92 Melody Street. Renting out their spare room on ZedBedZ seemed like a good idea but with the ghost of a grumpy drummer, a long-lost grandfather as their first guest, angry opposition from a residents action group, AND a broken leg in the first practice match of the soccer season, Suzi ain't havin' much of a rockin' good time.

Then she dares to pick up a set of drum sticks and things really get wild.

With the driving beat of a rock anthem, the heart of a country ballad, and the vibe of the latest hip-hop hit, this hilarious mash-up proves that you just can't stop the music!


Strum and Miss Katy are musicians who had one hit song and then fell into obscurity and normal life following their musical career as one hit wonders!

Their two children, Janis and Suzi, are used to living in a chaotic household, but things get especially crazy when Janis decides to rent out their spare room. Who knew the ghost of the previous occupant would object to sharing?

Throw in a music-loving Chinese neighbour, a grandfather who turns up unexpectedly, and the chance to form a new band, and this is one family where life is never dull.

This madcap new novel from Phillip Gwynne will appeal to all ages, senior primary and up. It is full of fun and chaos and you will love all the different characters that make up the Lord family and   thoroughly enjoy their adventures.

Reviewed by Michelle