Subtitle: How we set our sights on the stars and conquered Space
By: Angela Yalda
Genre: YNTS - Space (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: New Holland Publishers
Published: 4 Jul 2018
ISBN: 9781921580475


Since our earliest time on earth, humans have gazed up to the stars and wondered how the universe works. Once we developed a suitable scientific understanding of Space, the next task that awaited man was slipping the confines of our earthly environment and slowly but surely conquering the universe.

In The Space Race, author and teacher Angelina Masiello Yalda outlines the essential developments and achievements of that race, from the Cold War competition of the USA and USSR to man’s more recent co-operation in making the International Space Station such a success. In between, the development of the Space Shuttle, the unmanned exploration of the solar system and the planned colonisation of Mars are also featured.

Featuring important facts, timelines and breakout stories, The Space Race also has many related activities that will inspire young readers to learn about their world and take responsibility for their own learning.

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