By: Lystra Rose
Genre: YFB - General fiction
Published by: Lothian Children's Books
Published: 31 Aug 2022
ISBN: 9780734420251


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Three misfits. Two warring spirits. One chance to save the world. Kirra is the great-granddaughter of a truth dreamer, and, like Great Nanna Clara, no-one believes her night-visions are coming true. When an end-of-the-world nightmare forces her to surf where her brother was killed, she time-slips into a place that could ruin her life, here, and in the Dreaming. Narn is the son of a well-respected Elder and holds an enviable role in his saltwater clan.

Though he bears the marks of a man, many treat him like an uninitiated boy, including the woman he wants to impress. Tarni is the daughter of a fierce hunter and the custodian of a clever gift. Somehow, she understands Kirra when no-one else can. But who sent this unexpected visitor: a powerful ancient healer or an evil shadow-spirit? When death threatens all life, can a short-sighted surfer, a laidback dolphin caller and a feisty language unweaver work together to salvage our future?

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Kirra is having horrible dreams that keep coming true. Are we really facing the end of the world as she has dreamed it, or is Kirra going completely mad - just like everyone believed her grandmother was?

When Kirra goes surfing at the point where her brother disappeared years ago, she finds herself time-slipped back many years to the time of Tarni and Narn - when their world is threatened with extinction.

Tarni has the gift of languages and can communicate with Kirra. Narn is the son of an Elder, and is set to be the next dolphin caller which is an extremely important role in his clan. Narn and Tarni have been best friends since childhood and their feelings for each other develop, but Tarni is betrothed to another.

When a darkness threatens all life around them, can Kirra, Tarni and Narn work together to defeat the evil?

There are some wonderful twists and connections that I didn’t see coming, but I really do not want to give too much away and spoil the story - you need to read it yourself!

This is a wonderful and engrossing fantasy novel that beautifully highlights First Nations’ culture and intertwines ancient stories with the present day. Filled with adventure, working together, respecting traditions, beliefs and elders, as well as some magic, this book is suitable for all readers aged 13 and older.

Reviewed by Rob