By: Tim Cope
Genre: YFC - Adventure stories (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Pan Macmillan Australia
Published: 10 Sep 2019
ISBN: 9781760554293


Adventurer Tim Cope had a childhood dream: to travel the 10,000 kilometres from Mongolia to  Hungary on horseback - a journey undertaken centuries ago by the legendary leader of the Mongols, Genghis Khan. On this journey, Tim met a dog called Tigon. 

For more than three years, Tim and Tigon endured searing heat and bitter cold; dark lonely nights when wolves circled their camp; hunger; despair; joy; and the wild beauty of the landscape that changed constantly around them. They met the people of the steppe, who welcomed Tim and Tigon into their homes, and shared their traditions and histories. This is the story of a unique journey - a journey filled with the spirit of the pioneering explorers of old. It is the story of an extraordinary friendship. 


Just a few words are needed to explain this amazing adventure  -  wow, inspirational and amazing!

When young adventurer Tim Cope set off on a 10,000 kilometre trip on horseback from Mongolia to Hungary, he could never have expected to encounter so many unique people and have so many incredible experiences.

Always open to kindness and local assistance, his journey, that was expected to take 18 months, was finally complete in a little over 3 years.

Tim’s horses and his dog Tigon become his lifeblood and constant companions. Facing many extreme hardships like –50 degree mountains engulfed in snow, 40+ degree deserts, and drunks and thieves that would cause him harm, Tim remained ever hopeful, trusting and accepting.

We follow Tim on his journey that spans the Empire that was established by Genghis Khan in the 1200’s and see what an amazing and unique part of the world that this truly is.

This will be loved by those who enjoy autobiographies and those with an adventurous spirit.

Reviewed by Rob