By: Ellen Renner
Published by: Hot Key Books
Published: March 2014
ISBN: 9781471400315


What if your greatest enemy was yourself?

Zara is a mage, one of the elite in a world where magic is power, and the non-magical majority are oppressed and enslaved. When her Tribute slave and best friend is killed for the crime of literacy, Zara vows revenge by spying for the rebel Knowledge Seekers.

But her bravery and magical skills are tested to the limit when a hostage from the other side of the Wall arrives at her palazzo. Sensing a kindred spirit, she promises to help him - but before she can, her secret is discovered.

Hunted by her own kind, she must convince the Knowledge Seekers she is really on their side. But can she convince herself?

Pain, romance, defiance and revenge combine in this powerfully written - and breathtakingly envisioned fantasy.


Zara is a mage, the daughter of the arch mage who rules with an iron fist.

But when her father kills her Tribute child and best friend, Zara begins to turn her back on the world she belongs to.

This is a wonderful fantasy story, full of adventure, a first romance and the search for who you are and what you believe in.

Great characters and a fast paced storyline will keep readers intrigued.

Perfect for all fantasy lovers Year 7 and up.

This book was included in our March 2014 Secondary Standing Order selection.

Reviewed by Michelle