By: Emma Freedman
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Harper Collins
Published: 01 Apr 2016
ISBN: 9781460751633


April Franklin is 13 years of age and has just started high school. April has also been dancing half her life and while she loves ballet, she's not sure if classical is right for her, particularly since she doesn't have the perfect ballet body - and of course all of the mean girls at her ballet school do ...

There are, however, many ways to dance, and when April has the opportunity to explore them she leaps at the chance, even though she is very aware that her mother has high hopes for her as a classical dancer.

New school, mean girls, stage mothers, big dreams ... sometimes finding your feet can be hard.


Written by the popular young winner of Dancing With The Stars, Emma Freedman, comes a novel born of friendship and determination to achieve in the dance world.

The story is based around our main character April and her two best friends as she starts out in high school and adapts to the changes this creates. But April is in for an even bigger challenge when her beloved Beaumont Classical Academy, where the girls have been dancing ballet since they were four years old, is forced to close.

The school gets a last minute reprieve when the academy is moved to another dance venue, District Dance, where Mrs Beaumont can continue to teach ballet. District Dance is run by the alluring Gabriela Sebastino, and it is a much more modern dance school that really lets the dancers express themselves through modern dance.

But can and should April leave all that she has known and loved behind and change to this new dance style? Or could she do both?

A great story about accepting change and finding your own way in the world that will be loved by girls 10-14.

Reviewed by Rob