By: Nat Amoore
Illustrated by: Mike Barry
Genre: YFC - Adventure stories
Published by: Penguin
Published: 3 May 2022
ISBN: 9781760897697


You can run from your past, but the future is tomorrow . . .

Tonight, we're gonna kidnap our best friend. And tomorrow? We run.

Sticks, Maki, Jed and Tommy live on the same street. But the adults around them are making decisions that could tear the four friends apart.

When they discover their favourite comic book series is being made into a blockbuster movie, they know what they have to do. Get to the audition. Get the parts. Stay together.

Bestselling author Nat Amoore joins forces with acclaimed graphic novelist Mike Barry to bring you a story of four kids - and four superheroes - who are taking their future into their own hands.

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Sticks, Maki, Jed and Tommy are four friends from Lockett Street. They are inseparable, tech savvy kids who make mini movies for YouTube, based on their favourite comic, Screen Savers.

But when Tommy’s Gran dies and he is being sent to another town to foster parents, the others decide to take action.

When they discover that there is going to be a Screen Savers movie made on the Gold Coast, they must follow their dream and audition for the four lead roles.

A LOT goes wrong, but will they succeed in the end?

There are great action scenes and technology wound through the story, but there is also so much more to this story. Sticks’ home environment is awful, with constant beatings from older brother Bryce. Jed’s parents love him totally, but always want him to do more and are sending him away to boarding school. Maki’s Dad moves countries every two years for his job, and this is about to happen again.

So running away is the only option to keep their group together!

Filled with compassionate people that they encounter, fierce friendship, and the good things you can achieve when you work together, this is a terrific novel that is suitable for all students aged 9 – 12.

Reviewed by Rob