Subtitle: Wednesday Weeks: Book 2
By: Cristy Burne and Denis Knight
Genre: YFH - Fantasy & magical realism
Published by: Lothian Children's Books
Published: 1 Sep 2021
ISBN: 9780734420213


Wednesday Weeks is just starting to get the hang of this whole magic thing. But Gorgomoth the Unclean is on the loose again and he's out to ruin everything, for keeps. When Gorgomoth steals the Crown of Destiny and turns Grandpa into a frog, it's up to Wednesday and Alfie - with help from Bruce and their new friend Adaline - to track him down. But wormholes, giant pinball machines and a stolen crown are only the beginning.

Throw in a floating fortress full of goblins, some misbehaving magic and a missing pair of eyebrows, and Wednesday and Alfie are going to have to take their magic - and their science - to the next level.

Book 2 in the brilliant Wednesday Weeks series, which asks the question: In a world of magic, can science save the day?

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Following on from Wednesday and Alfie’s adventures in The Tower of Shadows, which was included in your May package, these two young friends find themselves in trouble again!

Just as Wednesday and Alfie are settling back into school life, as well as continuing their magic lessons with Grandpa, Gorgomoth the Unclean is suddenly causing havoc again.

This time he has stolen the Crown of Destiny from Queen Shard, the Faery Queen, and is determined to enslave all of the Nine Realms. But Gorgomoth cannot use the powers of the Crown on his own, and he needs the power of faery Adaline to make it work.

Wednesday and Alfie, together with Bruce the skull and Faery Adaline, have their work cut out for them if they are going to save the Crown. Gorgomoth has turned Grandpa into a frog and also has his magic Ruby Ring. They are going to need to use all the magic, maths and science they know to solve this problem...

This is not only a fabulous fantasy adventure, but a wonderful story of friendship. Wednesday and Alfie are two characters that you will love! Perfect for readers in upper primary and lower secondary.

Reviewed by Sam