Subtitle: Little Paws 1
By: Jess Black
Genre: YFP - Animal stories (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Random House
Published: 03/04/2017
ISBN: 9780143781776


A fun, heart-warming series about the puppies that train to become Guide Dogs and the families who help raise them. Lexie and Tom Walker are super excited to meet their new eight-week-old puppy, Harley. Harley is extra special because she's a Guide Dog puppy in training! While Harley is gorgeous, she's also cheeky and good at causing trouble.

In particular, she loves to chew things! It's up to Lexie and Tom, with their Puppy Raising Officer's help, to teach Harley some basic obedience so she can prove to everyone she is Guide Dog material.


This is a delightful new series that is sure to be loved by all dog lovers!

In this first story, we are introduced to the process of a family taking home a puppy to look after in preparation for the puppy to become a guide dog.

The Walker family have the job of looking after Harley. A beautiful, but extremely mischievous, golden Labrador who just loves to eat and chew everything.

It is the job of the family, including their children Lexie & Tom, to teach Harley some basic skills, and to plan their daily lives around looking after Harley. They are all excited and committed to giving her the best chance of becoming a guide dog, but they soon realise that it is an extremely hard role.

Emerging readers will thoroughly enjoy this new series, whilst also learning something along the way.

Reviewed by Sam