By: Rob Harrell
Genre: YF - Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories
Published by: Harper Collins Publishers
Published: 23 Mar 2020
ISBN: 9781460758878


Surviving school with one eye open. Ross Maloy just wants to fit in. But after he is diagnosed with a rare eye cancer in Year Seven, he suddenly becomes the 'cancer kid' of his school. Now he has to deal with weird hats, a squinty eye and - hardest of all - disappearing friends, social media bullies, and the threat of losing his eyesight... or worse.

Based on Rob Harrell's real-life experiences, and packed with his cartoons and illustrations, this is a heartbreaking and hilarious story of survival, and of finding the music, magic and laughter in all of life's weirdness.

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Imagine being in Year 7 and waking up one morning with a swollen eye that escalates rapidly into a rare cancer diagnosis, and most likely blindness. This is what confronts Ross.

Before all this happened Ross had two best friends. But one couldn't handle Ross’s situation and ghosts him - leaving Abby as his one and only friend. At home, his Dad and his well-meaning Step Mum are all that he has, after his Mum died of cancer when he was five.

Everything is bad. But then an amazing doctor gives Ross hope that one eye might be saved. Ross is confronted with the trials, some would say horrors, of going through radiation treatment and the awful side effects that come with it.

But Ross has many struggles, not just his health. All this time he is being bullied and struggling through school life. And then, even worse, he get the news that Abby is moving interstate. Could his life get any harder? Will he recover? Will he find a way to get through it all?

This is a story about persistence, friendship and finding your way through an incredibly tough journey.

Often hilarious, mostly uplifting, and a wonderful personal depiction of Ross’s ride on the rollercoaster that is a cancer diagnosis. Wink will be loved and will resonate with you long after it is finished, and is best suited to those 10 and older.

Reviewed by Rob