By: Gabrielle Wang
Genre: YXN - Personal & social issues: racism & multiculturalism
Published by: Penguin
Published: 31 May 2022
ISBN: 9781761046513


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Meet Zadie Ma, a girl who writes magical stories that sometimes come true. Can Zadie bring to life her most important story of all . . . the one where she finds Jupiter, the dog of her dreams?
From one of Australia's most esteemed and award-winning children's authors comes a heartwarming story set in postwar Melbourne about courage, friendship, the magic of stories and one girl's unwavering love for her dog.
Zadie Ma has a special talent for telling stories . . . and it seems that some of Zadie's stories come true. Zadie's dearest wish is to have a dog of her own and so she starts to write the story of a poor unwanted dog called Jupiter, who's just waiting to be rescued by a loving girl like Zadie.
One morning when she's supposed to be minding the family shop for her mother, Zadie sets off to look for Jupiter. The scene that unfolds isn't quite the same as in her story but she does find a real dog, and his name is Jupiter. Once Zadie has rescued him, she realises she can't just take Jupiter home because her mother won't let her keep a dog. Luckily her bold new friend Sparrow lets Zadie keep Jupiter at her house till Zadie can work things out.
But a series of unlucky events means that Zadie can't write the happy ending she dreams of for her story, and now she may lose her beloved Jupiter forever.
Can Zadie's most important story of all finally come true?
Gabrielle Wang is the Australian Children's Laureate for 2022-3.

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Zadie Ma dreams of owning a dog. Zadie is of Chinese heritage, and her family are just making ends meet running their Milk Bar in Melbourne. Her father is still suffering from his memories of the war.

But when the adventurous Sparrow moves in next door, Zadie realises she can chase her dreams. In fact, when she writes stories, they seem to come true in real life. So what is she waiting for?

This is an uplifting and delightful read about the power of a story, friendship and one girl’s desire for a pet of her own.

Written by the Australian Children’s Laureate, the theme of storytelling is at the forefront. Also covering heritage, family, friendship,

Australian history, racism, and community, this will be an excellent classroom novel for middle to upper primary.

Reviewed by Rob