Subtitle: Saturday AM
By: Fred Tornager
Genre: AKLC1 - Graphic novel & Manga artwork
Published by: Quarto
Published: 12 Apr 2023
ISBN: 9780760381915


Could you follow your dreams if the whole world was against you? Gunhild dreams of becoming a real-life god, and everyone everywhere thinks it's a terrible idea made up by a petulant twelve-year-old.

In the world of Norse mythology, humans revere the mighty gods and fear the mystical, nature-wielding Jotuns, and Gunhild is a fire Jotun. Abandoned by her own kind and raised in a human girls' orphanage, Gunhild wishes to prove to her peers that she's more than a little troublemaker. Every step of the way, it becomes clear that Gunhild must fight for what's right and follow her own sense of justice, seeing as no one else will fight for her.

Gunhild's quest leads her to meet all the famous gods she's heard about in schools, like Odin and Thor, though the one she's most interested in is the mischievous Jotun god Loki, who's chained up in a cave hidden in a location known only by the gods.

Her travels lead mainly to many foes, but a few enemies become friends, persuaded by Gunhild's unwavering determination and burning passion for her own cause. Being a tiny Jotun against a big, powerful world, Gunhild must fight smart and learn a trick or two from Loki to earn the title of godhood.

Certainly, Gunhild will stop at nothing to forge her own fantastic path and make her dream come true.

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Despite being a fire Jotun, Gunhild has been brought up in an orphanage for humans, after she was abandoned as a baby. She is fierce and fiery, and doesn’t get along with the other girls.

Gunhild is convinced that Ragnarok is coming - an ancient prophecy that will see them all doomed - unless she can do something to stop it happening. And Gunhild believes that if she can become a God, then she might have the power to make a difference.

But her quest to become a God will see her come across many dangerous situations, and all manner of gods - both good and bad. She will also meet some friends along the way, who help her and believe in her cause. But will her determination, and that of her new friends, be enough to stop the prophecy from coming true?

Gunhild is a character who you want to see succeed, with her unwavering passion to follow her dreams. This is an action-packed graphic novel, set in the world of Norse mythology, that will be enjoyed by all secondary students.

Reviewed by Sam